08-02-2006 - Added two new topic sections, the ever popular "Men" and "Women" pages.

07-17-2006 - Started on a small little project to create some topic-based quote pages

04-11-2006 - The whole search thing was rather wonky, so tweaked the site data layout in hopes that it'd help.

12-11-2005 - Search-like page appears to work in some limited fashion now.

11-04-2005 - Added a search-like page that uses Google. It's a fair compromise between having search and not rebuilding the entire site into a database. NOw if only Google'd get around to spidering the pages...

10-31-2005 - After 3 years and 5 months of absolutely no overt management... we've moved to a new domain! Oh yeah, 16 new quotes added. Thanks to submitters!

6-05-2002 - Added another 35 quotes to the QA-V2. Total is now somewhere around 870, give or take a few.

06-03-2002 - Wowie! Look! It's the launch of the site! Woohoo! Let's all pray that it doesn't explode!

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