The Funny Quotes Archive V3!

"The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit."
- W. Somerset Maugham

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Last updated: 08/02/2006, see News for old news. Men and women topic pages added.
However! I need everyone's help. As usual, I'm hand editing these lists, and I face 2 obstacles 1) I need topic ideas, so I'd be happy if people suggest good topics that cover more than just a handful of quotes, and 2) I'll have to paste quotes into the topics, and with over 850 for me to read I'm simply not going to get them all, so feel free to suggest if a quote belongs in a certain category.
As usual, contact me if you feel like lending a small hand, even 1-2 suggestions a person would be amazingly helpful!

Welcome to the the FQA-V3! We're now, our own domain, isn't it great? Why didn't I do this sooner!?
Anyways, why V3 you ask? Simply because this is the third incarnation of a the original Funny Quotes Archive, which went into extended hibernation during the death of almost all available free web-hosting services.

Here you will find roughly 886 quotes, all typed, alphabetized, reviewed, and chosen, by a single hand -- namely the limp and weakly spasming one I'm using to write this page. Since I possess few typing skills, I am almost positive that there are some typos, or even repetitions of quotes, in here. If you come across any errors, repeated quotes, typos, misattributions, things of that sort, please contact me! I know they're in there! I'm hardly perfect and these things happen.

Any donations of quotes to the archive would be greatly appreciated! Though famous people are preferred, the only requirements are that they're funny and they are attributed to someone. I don't really need more "unknowns" floating around the archive. Just email them to me, again, just look at the Contact page for details.

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