Contacting Me

Please send all emails to Yes, I'm still using that old redirector email since it's as good a spam decoy as any.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, if your email needs a reply, I'll try to get one to you as soon as I can, if it's just a note with a quote or a simple comment, I might just add things in and not reply since my mail tends to get ahead of me.

If you wish to contact me about The Funny Quotes Archive, please put "Quotes archive" somewhere in the subject field, otherwise you will be deleted right with all the spam I receive daily.

For everyone else, please mention something in the subject field that wont make me think you're a spammer, even though "Hi!" is polite and all, I'm rather tired of opening "Hi!" just to see "I just turned 18 and want you to see these pictures of me ...." Be creative, it's good for you anyways.

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